King's Wood Montessori

Fund Raising

Fundraising activities 2008-2009

Dutch Mills bulbs                           Deadline October 3rd
Family photo day                           October 5th
Auction of car line passes                                          Deadline October 6th
Original Art Work                             Deadline October 17th
Dessert raffle                                  October 17th
                              November 13th
                              December 5th
“Our Marketplace” fair                     November 22nd, 11am – 3pm
Raffle of “These are my friends” class photo albums   December 5th
Cookie dough & pizza sale                Spring Fundraising Packet
Valentines raffle                February 2nd – 13th
Mothers bracelets evening                March 12th
“Spring Gathering” auction                April 3rd
T-shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, coozies, pictures of the school and notecards are always available from the KWMS shop, please contact the school for details.

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