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  • A key part of King’s Wood’s philosophy that the school should be as affordable as possible. Fundraising is critical to this because the money we raise each year allows us to pay for many of the activities that we would otherwise have to cover by raising tuition.   

    Money raised by fundraising is used to pay for the enrichment activities within the classroom, and the social activities run for King’s Wood families. Enrichment activities include the chicks and butterflies raised in the classrooms in the spring, live musicians performing in the classroom, and visits with a petting zoo on the playground. Social activities include the hayride in the fall, the evening at the Children’s Museum in Easton, and the Spring Picnic.   

    In the past we have been able to raise enough money through fundraising to cover the maintenance and improvements to the school building. We have been able to buy new carpets, computers, cubbies and classroom materials. We have also been able to pay for new fencing, painting and a new roof. The money bought in through fundraising has been of huge financial importance to the school.   

    Fundraising is coordinated each year by parent volunteers. We always have a need for volunteers for the fundraising activities, and we do try hard to match each volunteer up with an activity that they will enjoy. Very little of the fundraising work is solicitation, you can work in teams or individually, and a lot of it can be done to fit in with your schedule. We encourage each family to use a portion of their labor hours for fundraising.

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