In 1968, a group of parents interested in providing a Montessori education to their children founded the King's Wood Montessori School in Foxboro, Massachusetts. More than 40 years later, King's Wood remains a parent-owned, non-profit school serving children from over fifteen communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Supported by a staff with over 75 years of experience at the school, King's Wood is dedicated to providing a rich, nurturing and experiential learning environment. Here, children ages 2.9 to 6 years have the opportunity to develop a foundation of intellectual, social, and physical skills and experiences that will serve them throughout their lives:

  • An ability to think and work independently, and then teach others
  • An expectation and love of challenges
  • Self-confidence built through learning, doing, creating, and achieving
  • The joy of exploring and discovering
  • An ability to concentrate
  • An appreciation for nature
  • Growth as a friend and member of a group


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